Escalier quart-tournant, garde corps en verre #staircase

Designs d'escaliers avec garde-corps en verre -

I absolutely adore the open shelves by the staircase. My house looks sorta like…

Escalier bibliothèque

Escalier droit, en colimaçon, à pas japonais, gain de place...

For Christian: (not as elegant but again similar feel without the top floating section, which we think would add interest)

La bibliothèque et l'escalier qui se répondent... bel effet trompe l'oeil

Les portes coulissantes jouent les cloisons avec succès !

Interior:Contemporary Home Interior Design With Room Partition Built In Door Amusing Home Interior Design Ideas With Painted Grey Sliding Door As Compact Room Partition Feats Greenery Potted Houseplant And Glossy Teak Staircases Aside

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Résidence Le Nook au Québec par MU Architecture

These black and wood stairs have storage built into them, and a wire mesh net is not only visually interesting, it also acts as a safety barrier.