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Coupd work really well for 8 circles of wellness spread. Create Your Prettiest Planner Ever: 47 Bullet Journal Ideas And Resources – Plum And Proper

List the things that make me happy, can add pictures and embellishments

I have a whole notebook full of things and pictures that make me happy. When I'm feeling really low I pick a page at random and read it then I spend the day appreciating those things. Works every time.

Pas toujours facile de suivre les remboursements des montants avancés lors de rendez-vous médicaux, entre la sécurité sociale et la mutuelle. Je vous propose aujourd’hui un petit tableau que j’utilise afin d’effectuer ce suivi dans mon Bullet Journal.

Suivre ses remboursements de frais médicaux

Idées Bullet Journal : listes, collections et suivis

Idées Bullet Journal: Listes & Collections

Recently, I realized I’m about to end my college and grad school years, which means I’ll be moving about four hours away from family and friends. Naturally, this is just another thing o…