Hanna Barbera Rides

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several colorful hot air balloons sitting on top of a green field
Boo Boo's Ballon Race, under construction in 1985
an amusement park with people standing around and looking at the rides on the carousels
Dick Dastardly's Flying Circus
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a building with an animal costume on
It's Captain Caveman @ Wonderland
people are walking around an amusement park
Dinos Derby from Hanna Barnera Land @ Wonderland
an amusement park carousel with colorful tents and buildings in the background on a sunny day
Dino's Derby
two men riding in a hot air balloon ride at an amusement park with others watching
Boo Boo's Balloon Race
an amusement park ride with people riding on it
The Merry Go Round
an amusement park with many colorful rides
Captain Caveman's Clippers @ Wonderland
several hot air balloons are being inflated at an amusement park
Boo Boo's Balloon Race @ Wonderland
people are standing around in front of a blue water slide at a park with trees and buildings
Fred Flintstone Splashdown
children and adults posing with the mascot at an amusement park
Scooby's Silly Stix @ Australia's Wonderland
two people are standing in front of a roller coaster
Fred Flintstone's Splashdown @ Wonderland Sydney