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the words pen pals for kids on top of pictures
Get an International Pen-Pal
Pen Pals for Kids- Kid World Citizen
an ice cream cone with different toppings on it
WRITING: Awesome Alliteration Activity
Reinforce Alliteration, discuss poetry and create a beautiful work of art! Great cross-curricular lesson plan from Creative Curriculum.
the book haiku at the zoo has pictures of animals and plants on it's cover
POETRY: Haiku at the Zoo Poetry Writing Activity
A fun and engaging writing activity to use as a stand-alone, to include in your poetry unit, or to include in an integrated ELA and Science unit! Students review haiku formatting, read five original haiku poems about zoo animals, then write their own haiku about their favorite zoo animal. Perfect to integrate after a field trip to the zoo, mini-research projects, or a virtual field trip! Grading Rubric, Learning Objectives, and Common Core State Standards all included!
a poster with words and pictures on it that say different things to see in the picture
Whole Brain Teaching: Reciting the Rules on Friday
Fluency reading voices. This is adorable!
a man standing next to a woman in front of a blue sign that says haven't
The Electric Company - N Apostrophe T - YouTube
the sesame street characters are talking to each other in front of a table with a checkered table cloth on it
Digraphs and {Freebie}
ch work and song digraph
a person standing in front of a blackboard with a green marker on it's head
Between the Lions: Vowel Boot Camp: rip-ripe
Between the Lions: Vowel Boot Camp: rip-ripe - YouTube
the bright hub education logo on a blue and green background with an arrow pointing up
Using Daily Oral Language Practice to Teach Language Arts Skills
DOL- Daily Oral Language Tips
a phone screen with an image of two words and the text homos to too or two
To, Too, or Two? | Worksheet | Education.com
Worksheets: Homophones: To, Too or Two
a bulletin board on the wall in a classroom
Oops! - Hojo's Teaching Adventures
Idiom of the week - great idea for next year! Students often aren't familiar with idioms and this would be an easy way to introduce them throughout the year.
a colorful beach ball with writing on it
Mandy Neal - Teaching With Simplicity | Resources, Tools, Lesson Plans
Practicing Those Pesky Prefixes & Suffixes with a beach ball