Gustav Klimt Water Serpents I - oil and gold on canvas, Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

Reading books within books

Reading books within books

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andre kohn

Artist: Andre Kohn (Note: The paint technique itself, as opposed to simply painting the "rain", makes it appear as though there's a gusty storm. I thought this was a still from film where the lens had gotten seriously wet-over!

Alfonse Mucha, Pole Star, from The Moon And The Stars

Alfonse Mucha, Pole Star, from The Moon And The Stars. I would love a whole wall of Alfonse Mucha prints.

omrokert bilde. (Ikke dette bildet) Et bilde av natur/trær/ kvae/... Et eksempel på hvordan et bilde kan uttrykke seg.

Dee Mon Cheel Dren Art Print by Jordan Clark. This work give me an idea for my portraiture project.

Andy Gilmore

Maybe thsi could be made with black screws and silver wire/white thread. how boss would that be?

Craft Deco - Alexey Morosov

look at the shading/shadow work on display here! the muscles and veins are amaArtist: Alexey Morosov, 2003 {male human body man anatomy drawing}zing. Great job, whoever drew this!

In Gray, Yellow  - Geoffrey Johnson

In Gray, Yellow - Geoffrey Johnson love the limited palette and the composition. The couple huddled together as one, fitting perfectly together.

Aujourd’hui, je vous propose ce zoom sur le travail d’Eddi Prabandono, un artiste contemporain indonésien. Ce n’est plus une surprise, les artistes venus d’Asie bousculent de plus en plus le milieu de l’art contemporain avec leur fraicheur et leur vision de notre monde.

Transformations d’objets par Eddi Prabandono

Loving these surreal sculptures by Indonesian artist Eddi Prabandono. "I want my art to be a spectacle for the viewer. It should be funny, entertaining and even stupid to those who see it." - Eddi Prabandono More art on the grid via IndoArtNow

Allison Diaz.

Allison Diaz

Allison Diaz collages from Haunted Mirrors explore the shifting perspectives of identity and the way we perceive ourselves and others

Dismaland - YouTube

"Dismaland Bemusement Park" a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism - August @ Weston-Super-Mare, UK

14 Superbes Anamorphoses en déchets de Bernard Pras

14 Superbes Anamorphoses en déchets de Bernard Pras

If you like the anamorphic portrait by Bernard Pras we featured on Neatorama recently, you'd get a kick out of this one of Albert Einstein, made completely from junk. Via Juxtapoz.