street art Another brick in the wall - In Gorzow, Poland

Another brick in the wall - In Gorzow, Poland 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2012

Chalk Art par David Zinn

David Zinn - an important part of reaching for the stars is understanding how they got there. Located At Village of Dexter, Michigan.

Pixel art urbain

pixel pour 2 0 - Pixel Pour is what people are calling this recent urban installation in an NYC alleyway. Believed to be the work of artist Kelly Goeller, this .

#streetart #graffiti

Brooklynn Thomas AMST 3050 - New York Street Art Joe Iurato /// Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, New York City

Pixel Pancho for Art Basel - Miami, and MTO on right - thanks, Linda

Pixel Pancho for Art Basel - Miami, and MTO on right - thanks, Linda. pinned by Liberhada ♥

Silent Sundays, Street Art

Says pinner "Honestly. Can we just invite graffiti artists to make art on all the horrible looking places in cities? The world would be much more interesting and beautiful.

"Surf Zone"...personally I thought he was carrying a log, but a surf board makes more sense xD

Is the beach calling you? Well, this surfer is heading to shred some waves. Beaches have become desirable locations to live, so if you're wondering where to go next, load your moving truck up and head to the beach!

Salcedo, Street Art Chair sculpture, Istanbul Turkey

Doris Salcedo, 1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings, Istanbul Biennial 2003

by Fra.Biancoshock, Prague (LP)

Les détournements urbains de Martin Parker

by Fra.Biancoshock, Prague (LP) Uma intervenção bastante incomum e de pouca…

We declare the world as our canvas - STREET ART UTOPIA

THE STREET BAR Artwork by CLET Spotted somewhere in France was this fun piece of street art by CLET. The manipulated ‘Do Not Enter’ sign depicts a bar setting with two patrons and a bartender. There’s even a fancy candelabra in the scene!