I like the dimensions on these photos and the color change between the bowl and liquid looking stuff flowing from the bowl.extremely clever and quirky ceramic art work

Wood Blocks Carved and Painted into Glimmering Gemlike Objects by Victoria Wagner

NOTE: Inspiration apply to driftwood in several Wood Blocks Carved and Painted into Glimmering Gemlike Objects by Victoria Wagner

Jackie Mullins a handful of pistachio nuts

6 pistachio earrings for Deb. Please do not purchase unless you are DEB. Thank you

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - Mr Printables

It's that time of the year, when strange things like these start floating towards us. Ghost treat boxes can be found under

evonne bellefleur - blocks <3

Toronto based photographer Evonne Bellefleur envisioned these places, and asked a very talented stylist, Caitlin Doherty, to build these lovely blocks… or bergs or rocks or chalks… for her.

paper forest

The Paper Forest

A short animated film directed by Alex Schulz. I like how the movie starts out with the paper forest rising from the floor. Link via Behance Network

Baroque Hot Air Baloon Light Bulbs

DIY Light Bulb "Hot Air Baloons" Hang from anywhere. Could be decorated with puff-paint, wire, and a thimble. Amber- use burnt out smaller, decorative bulbs to make hot air balloon earrings.


Macys Fourth of July Fireworks by Jo Lynn Alcorn cool collage art for kids for bonfire night , july pictures

Auto Aerobics

Auto Aerobics par Chris LaBrooy

The Auto Aerobics by UK-based artist Chris LaBrooy are surreal Illustrations of Distorted and Interlocked Classic Cars.


These stunning images were created by Mexican photography studio Jean Bérard Fotografía (JFB). They have developed a series of images which capture the chaos and unpredictability of liquids.