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Plants are beneficial for good health, for the body & soul are one. We are only beginning to understand the remarkable healing powers bestowed upon us by plants, just by looking at them.
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an aerial view of trees in the countryside
the sun shines brightly through the trees and grass in this green forest filled with daisies
wildflowers and trees in the background on a sunny day
a basket full of pink flowers sitting in the middle of some green bushes and shrubbery
a man kneeling down in the middle of a field covered in pink flowers and grass
Collecting rose petals & rose hips for attar (perfume)
rows of trees in the middle of a vineyard
Willie Holdman Photographs
red flowers are growing in the middle of a vineyard lined with vines and trees on both sides
Cabernet vineyard at Justin Winery, Paso Robles
a dandelion with drops of water on it's petals is shown against a black background
a ladybug sitting on the end of a stalk of wheat
raspberries in a wicker basket with green leaves
Photo by Vasilina Sirotina on Unsplash
an adult oranguel climbs up the side of a tree to reach for food
several pine cones are sitting on the ground
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush green trees and greenery, with the words over it