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$200,000 Leather Ferrari

Just in case you thought you were doing something.The Game has a Leather Ferrari Yep, Leather.

stretch beetle -- yikes! #vw

This would be Rita and Dexter's ride to the church. Rita would want a limousine for the wedding and Dexter would not really care. I believe Rita would like this limousine because it's not too over the top, but it still has class.

HMMMMM....."les autostoppers et les motards, mettez vous sur le côté de la route quand un véhicule approche"

The sign requests that hikers & bikers move to the side of the road when a vehicle approaches.I don't think I'd be hiking and/or biking here to begin with!(there are alligators {or maybe crocodiles} lying on the banks of the swamp)