Envers du Decor

Use this painted peanut garland to create a Shell String Garland. {DIY tips} Using transparent fishing gut or something similar, string together a pretty Sea Shell Garland of painted or spray-painted colored shells to match your wedding color scheme.

gutaigroup:  Circle, Takesada Matsutani, 2006

Takesada MATSUTANI - Circle (Cercle colle vinylique en relief et mine de plomb sur toile - 146 x 114 cm. Principle of Design: Contrast. The dark vs light is emphasized as well as soft vs clear texture.

Source: Pinterest & thepoetryofmaterialthings.tumblr.com

Beautiful hand made porcelain and stoneware pieces by Michele Michael, a home design editor and prop stylist who began making her own ceramics when she couldn't find what she wanted for photo shoots. Available from her shop, elephant ceramics.