Toddler play activity: pom pom colour sorting!

Egg Carton Colour Sorting

Toddler play activity pom pom colour sorting Play with colourful pom poms in the sensory table and sort them by colour into coloured egg cartons! Fine motor control, colour recognition and early sorting skills for toddlers and preschoolers.

'Les tiroirs', ateliers libres de manipulation et d'expérimentation -

'Les tiroirs', ateliers libres de manipulation et d'expérimentation -

Fiches de dessins dirigés |     Dessine moi un mouton !

Fiches de dessins dirigés

step by step for kids!My kids in kindergarten and preschool love this;makes them feel like "look how big Artist I am":-)

Nounous Taties et Cie - Le Blog: Les paires de chaussettes

Clothes For Gym Motricité fine fonctionnelle - The gym is one of the places where people can not care about their appearance and concentrate only on working their body to show it later. However there are items that help us exercise much more efficiently.

Le nombre manquant... à faire avec des pinces à linge, ou des bouchons, ou des chiffres magnétiques...

Missing Number Strips and Magnet Numbers for a Math Workstation. Practice ordering numbers and develop number sense skills in your students!