youpi mercredi #16 : le tri de graines

youpi mercredi #16 : le tri de graines

Fun way to practice facts- math center?

Learning numbers, fine-motor practice, and a mystery to solve! Solve the code to unlock the padlock (Centers)

was ophangen volgens de opdracht, goed voor de fijne motoriek!

Clothes For Gym Motricité fine fonctionnelle - The gym is one of the places where people can not care about their appearance and concentrate only on working their body to show it later. However there are items that help us exercise much more efficiently.


On paper, children should be petrified of dinosaurs. In reality, they are OBSESSED. rex is a case in point. Ferocious, enormous and harnessing some real anger issues, he’s not an obvious candidate

billes + cuillères + bouteille

Marble transferring: a great activity to work on fine motor skills, twist it around by giving specific directions for each bottle (# of pebbles, colors, till which line to fill, etc)

Initiation Mandala01b

Suite de la promenade dans la nature - Les cahiers de Joséphine

Mandalas,just love them.and this roundly shaped paper gives me ideas. Even could give every kid small cicrle to make theirown mandala.

Para trabajar el concepto de cantidad y criterios de clasificación. Blog en francés. Concepte de quantitat i criteris de classificació

Use cardboard with string to hang clothes & practice clothing signs