Levels of protection…

Levels of protection…

Birth Control: a beginner's guide. Leather elbow patches, a mobile phone belt pouch and socks with sandals can result in contraceptive effectiveness. I I birth Control sandals pill condom

- Tu veux l'homme de tes rêves ?    - Oui !    - Bah, va dormir !

Tu veux l'Homme de tes Rêves


Je ne suis pas difficile, je me satisfais aisément du meilleur.

Citation du Jour "imagination is more important than knowledge"

Citations DAlbert Einstein: Citation du Jour "imagination is more important than knowledge"

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Certains ont un effet levure sur mon système nerveux : en deux minutes, ils me…

citation de Confucius

choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life- confucius ~ français citation ~

Le silence est toujours un message. #silence #shut #amour

Le silence est toujours un message. Silence is always a message.

Ou alors c'est que tu n'as pas compris la leçon...

Lorsque le passé t'appelle

'Chocolate Doesn't Ask' Throw Pillow

Add a playful statement to the living room. Sweet words on a soft pillow spruce up a sitting area and make snuggle time even more special.

Quite well explained

" People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives. " - Theodore Roosevelt Are you a Boss or a Leader?


I'm often told : " Turn the page ! But you're funny, if life were a book, I would have chosen the story.