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These recipes utilize a variety of ingredients including fruits, nuts, chocolate and even wine. Bananas give Yonanas that smooth and creamy ice cream like…
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some food is in a glass bowl with nuts on the side and words spicy carrot cake yoannas
Spice up your dessert game with Yonanas' Spicy Carrot Cake recipe!
Indulge in the rich, warm flavors of a classic dessert, all while keeping it healthier. Savor every creamy, guilt-free bite and treat yourself to a delightful experience. Fall in love with dessert all over again!
a piece of cheesecake on a plate with oranges and cranberries next to it
Cranberry Orange Pie
When the season calls for tart cranberries, sweeten them with orange and fold into a graham cracker crust for a unique vegan frozen pie.
holiday desserts with chocolate chips and orange slices on a white plate next to an orange peel
13 Holiday Desserts
Take a healthy twist on these classic holiday desserts with Yonanas!
banana bread and ice cream on a plate with the words, get the recipe written below
Banana Bread Yonanas
Can't decide whether to make banana bread or Yonanas with your overripe bananas? Make Banana Bread Yonanas & enjoy the best of both worlds!
a scoop of peach and cherry sorbet in a glass bowl with text overlay
Peach & Cherry Sorbet
Dark sweet cherries blend with perfectly sweet peaches to create creamy treat you will want to enjoy all year round so freeze that fruit!
three desserts in small glasses with candy and candies on the top, along with an orange background
Yonanas Dirt
Make it a healthy Halloween with these cool chocolate parfaits!
breakfast yoanas in a pan with strawberries and oatmeal on top
Start your day the Yonanas way with delicious breakfast recipes!
From smoothie bowls to protein-packed parfaits, we've got your mornings covered with wholesome, fruit-filled delights.
champagne and strawberry yogurt ice cream in small bowls on a table with strawberries
Champagne & Strawberry Yonanas🥂
This sweet berry & champagne treat will give you a reason to celebrate! Fun tip: Pour a little extra champagne over top of the scoops of Yonanas for a fizzy mimosa!
a plate with food on it and the title reads, recipes for entertaining tap to get the recipe
Elevate your gatherings with Yonanas entertaining recipes!
Transform any occasion into a delightful dessert experience with these guilt-free and creative creations. From dinner parties to family gatherings, make every moment sweeter with Yonanas.
an apple is sitting on top of a white plate with nuts around it and the words baked apple al lyf
Cozy up to the season with Yonanas Baked Apple à la Yo!
Warm, spiced, and absolutely delightful. Enjoy the natural sweetness of baked apples paired with Yonanas creamy goodness. Fall has never tasted this good!
two ice cream cones with googly eyes and the words monster cones get the recipe
Monster Cones
A fun, delicious & fruit-filled Halloween Treat!
cinnamon yogurt in a glass bowl with two cinnamon sticks
Cinnamon Yonanas
Flecks of warm cinnamon swirl into a creamy sweet and slightly spicy treat.
an apple and walnut ice cream in a glass bowl
Apple Maple Walnut Yonanas
Fuji, Gala and Macintosh apples provide a perfect sweet & tangy pairing balanced with a toasted sweet crunch of candied maple walnuts. That's right-enjoy this recipe for breakfast!
Sweet Strawberries, rich Chocolate, and sweet Bananas combine to create a healthy spin a classic ice cream flavor. Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream Flavors, Yonanna Recipes
Neapolitan Yonanas
Sweet Strawberries, rich Chocolate, and sweet Bananas combine to create a healthy spin a classic ice cream flavor.
a person scooping ice cream out of a bowl
Coffee Chocolate Chip Yonanas
Chunks of rich, dark chocolate shine in this a sweet & robust coffee nice cream treat!