“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment” ~ Claude Monet. Monet is my all-time favorite artist. I love his view of Impressionism and the way he painted it. I have the canvas, Woman With a Parasol, in my home.

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin Living in French Polynesia, being supported by the art dealer Ambroise Vollard, Gauguin got into legal trouble for taking the natives side against French colonialists. He was charged with libeling the governor, fined 500 francs and sentenced

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My favorite portrait of Marcel Duchamp. Ironically, I definitely am one of many artists who sees him as a role model.

Jean Cocteau - Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait by Jean Cocteau in a letter to Paul Valéry, October From Belles Lettres: Manuscripts Of The Masters Of French Literature, Roselyne de Ayala and Jean-Pierre Guéno. Jean Cocteau is my all time favorite

Pierre-Auguste Renoir : Femme à la rive de la mer, 1883

By the Seashore, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pierre Renoir February 1841 – 3 December was a French artist who was a leading painter of the Impressionist movement. He was a celebrator of beauty and especially feminine sensuality.


Paul Cézanne, 1874 "Un arte que no se basa en el sentimiento no es arte".

"Art is not there to be understood": Marcel Duchamp, 1968 BBC interview

"Art is not there to be understood": Marcel Duchamp, 1968 BBC interview. Patrick Vincler: I can't believe this exists, a video interview with one of my favorite turn of the century artists.