Yuandi Mei

Yuandi Mei

Even if you get killed, just walk it off!
Yuandi Mei
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I really like this bonsai style tree with the Sun rising in the distance. There's a waterfall to the lower left of the canvass and a bridge.

In Bezug auf den Artikel vom 27.12. -Die „Ich glaube an die Natutgeister“-Initiative- haben wir nun einige Ideen gesammelt, die wir euch vorschlagen möchten, wie ihr mit den Naturwesen …

"I refuse to live in reality today.I'm just going to disappear into a fantasy world where there is no illness, no death nor loss, or any worries or troubles. A world of complete peace and tranquility.

5th dimensional city of light

"Crystal Sanctuary" by Gilbert Williams. Gilbert Williams is one of the most widely known visionary artists, and his bountiful images have done much to give people "glimpses" of higher dimensional worlds and magical beings.

Sueña. Imagina mundos fantásticos. Vive en ellos y recuerda: 'Nada es lo que parece'.

Fairy Tale Castle ~ I noticed that the castle in the sky and heavenly beautiful places are a fairytale to many. But God created royalty, castles, mountains and beautiful places. All of these beautiful things awaits God's children, believe it or not!

Ming Fan (or “fanming” as he is sometimes credited) is a Chinese concept artist and illustrator based in Shanghai.

Inspiration for the country of Ming. [artist: Ming Fan (or “fanming” as he is sometimes credited), Chinese concept artist and illustrator based in Shanghai.

#Imagination: Wanting to explore our vast universe

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