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Oh God, yes. Ugh... I'm just melting about how good Carnage Pair fanarts are (^∇^)Artists, please continue making more. You please my inner fangirl. - DA | Karmax Nagisa | Carnage Pair by yours truly | KaruNagi | KaruGisa | Karma Akabane | Nagisa Shiota | Assassination Classroom

diy digital painting cartoon Assassination classroom posters framed wall decoration oil painting by numbers


Anime picture with touken ranbu nitroplus tsurumaru kuninaga soulberry (ayano) single tall image short hair looking at viewer smile fringe yellow eyes white hair wide sleeves outdoors pond male gloves weapon sword katana

Ibuki Mangaka - Haruka

- Haruka, a vampire who doesn't feel pain. He is on the run from a secret organization that seeks out to destroy any and all of his kind. They killed his family when he was younger right in front of him and his adopted brother kal.