Chicken Avocado Burger

Chicken Avocado Burgers

Chicken Avocado Burgers 1 lbs ground chicken 1 avocado cut into chunks c panko/bread crumbs 1 clove chopped garlic salt & pepper to taste. Toss Avocado in mixture. Work into the ground chicken careful not to mush avocado. Make into patties and grill.

Healthy Chicken Avocado Burritos

Quick and Easy Chicken Burritos

Healthy Easy Chicken Burritos, this idea is great, you just mix ingredients and stuff your burritos, it may work for quesadillas too. I'd sub out the tortilla with a low carb pita.

poivre, oignon nouveau, fleur de sel, mangue, huile d'olive, citron vert, crevette rose, tabasco, avocat, aneth

Tartare de crevettes mangue avocats

Green Tea west Smoothies!

1 cup fat-free cold vanilla yogurt* cup fat-free cold milk 1 tbsp green tea powder ripe banana slide ice cubes 2 tbsps honey as per the taste.My newest obsession - Green Tea Smoothies! Maybe with vanilla protein powder instead of yogurt.

Cinnamon Crumb Banana Bread | foodsweet | foodsweet

incredible sweet bread anytime of the day! Absolutely scrumptious powder sugary crumb topping that "tops" this stunnacious sweet bread - YUM

Paniers brocolis jambon comté

Mac and cheese (gratin de macaronis au cheddar) - Dans la cuisine de Fabienne

Croissant au Nutella Miam!!!

Easy Nutella™ Cookie Roll-ups

Perfect for all celebrations like birthdays, New Year, and the holidays! These surprisingly simple four-ingredient beauties made with pie crust will be a hit anywhere you serve them. Simply spread Nut(Baking Treats For Kids)

Biscuits au chorizo et aux olives

Biscuits au chorizo et aux olives

Chorizo and olive biscuits/ Biscuits au chorizo et aux olives