How to Make a Cute Amigurumi Crochet Owl

How to Make a Cute Amigurumi Crochet Owl

Crocheted owls always look so cute and sweet, so they are very popular for making baby stuffs. You might have seen them on baby clothes, baby hats, baby sh

Thank you all so much for the feather love gorgeous people in my phone. I've just popped the free pattern on my blog (link in profile). Have a great weekend and enjoy

Crochet feather pattern - if work in something other than cotton am thinking could work dc edge (maybe worked over thin wire) to stop curl

Colourful amigurumi turtles

Colourful amigurumi turtles :D I'll have to try some of these designs for our TBS fundraiser

Voici un document pratique à avoir sous la main quand on débute au crochet ! L’écriture est en langue étrangère. Je n’ai pas le document d’origine, je ne peux donc pas vous commun…

Tableau en image des différents point au crochet

100 Crochet Symbols and how it looks after crocheting. Words are in Spanish and it is a Jpeg, so it cannot be translated. - Crafts Are Fun