Thoard Alpes de Haute Provence
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Supposedly these line tattoos that I like do much are done in a Polynesian style. Ill have to research that and see if I can find more. So beautiful and simple.

Although tribal tattoos tend to look more masculine, there are certain styles of Polynesian tattoos that actually appear to be very feminine. This girl’s Polynesian tattoo, for example, is very elegant.

nevver: “Tattoo You ”

nevver: “Tattoo You ” Artistically inclined 👏👏👏

Living and dying with choices we make - - Everett and Snohomish…

Katie Stearns and her horse, Magic, practice horseback archery at her ranch near Arlington. Stearns has traveled the world, including to Mongolia and .


'A woman with a bow and arrow is powerful, strong, capable and independent. I want to emulate these qualities and learn to shoot archery.' I think its Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider game