menu printed on vellum bags // MS

This is a cute idea for your wedding reception menu - bread bags with the menu printed on them. Functional and unique!


beautiful Taiwanese TK Food cookie packaging designs, by Victor Branding Lab (via Lovely Package.

Some what weird #wine label #packaging. Reminds me of the "Son Of Man" by Rene Magritte PD

Some awesome wine labels; mid shot portrait pics with face covered up. I shop wine for the bottles so this one would make me stop and check it out.

somiatruites etiqueta vino graficas varias : ) PD

Los 5 prettywines de ‘Gráficas Varias’

Surten els primers vins 2014 de Ferré i Catasús

by Raw Colour

De Etende Mens — by Raw Colour Nice Color Theory Example

Gatsby Week!

Make My Lemonade


white and black leopard print jacket, red lips, and heart shaped glasses!


Lead singer of Beach House, in awesome outfit