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several pictures of children playing in an indoor play area with chalkboard walls and fake grass
office mikiko web site
office mikiko web site
many different images of the inside of a building
Jou Jou toy store by Watts Architects, Salt Lake City – Utah....
children are sitting and standing in the large room with yellow tables, chairs, and windows
Gallery of Los Gatos Public Library / Noll & Tam Architects - 3
Los Gatos Public Library / Noll & Tam Architects
two children are playing with an interactive table
table top interactive display
three red chairs sitting next to each other
Studio seating by UNStudio for Offecct
Individual but not
a man laying on top of a green and black couch next to a white wall
Classroom Design?
Teach Children Well: Classroom Design?
people sitting at desks in an office with computers on the wall and colorful walls
AAA Northern California Nevada and Utah
Shaw Contract Group's Design is... People's Choice Award
the children's indoor room is decorated with animals
Kinderland 2
Kinderland 2 by architecture of early childhood, via Flickr
the interior of a children's playroom with colorful furniture
Bobiroupoli Kindergarden | Cube Concept
Bobiroupoli Kindergarden, Heraklion, 2012
pink lockers are lined up against the wall
Erika Mann Grundschule, Berlin, Germany by Baupiloten
various pictures of different rooms and furniture in an area with blue, yellow, orange and white walls
CAN Concepts
Interieur scholen en kinderdagverblijven - project Bimbam
a room with two blue couches and a small table
Why You Should Build The Lobby Of This Paris Hotel at Home
kid nook - this could have potential
a room filled with lots of tables and chairs next to each other on top of carpeted flooring
Espacios para niños, un restaurante en Bucarest
Restaurante infantil
two children sitting at a table with paper and pencils on it, looking down
Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn's Growth Table - Core77
Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regns - Growth Table
two people are sitting in a hammock suspended from the ceiling by ropes and netting
Clic clac foto... psicomotricidad muy creativa - DecoPeques
This is not from a School...but it should be!
two pictures of children's playrooms with blue and yellow furniture in them
St Luke's Primary School, Blackburn VIC
Library Spaces
a room filled with lots of different types of lamps hanging from it's ceiling
Graphic Design vs. Architecture
Children's Library at Fort Washington, New York City by Sage & Coombe
two young boys playing basketball in an indoor gym with green walls and white flooring
ShowCase: Stelzhamerschule Linz
School Gymnasium by KIRSCH Architecture
an empty room with yellow walls and white flooring is pictured in this image, there are two people standing on the other side of the wall
Children’s Recreation Centre / AIR
The Children’s Recreation Centre by AIR Architecture uses internal room modules to break down the larger central space into activity "hubs".
two people sitting at a table in front of a mirror with cutouts on it
Interior Design of School – The Modern Roc
School Interior Design #school #interior #design
a large orange object sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a brick wall
Gloria Marshall Elementary School / SHW Group
fun yellow slide {gloria marshall elementary school} elementary school interior #education
colorful bean bag chairs and stools in a large room with black carpeted flooring
Teen? Tactic II + III, our meeting space, with casual meeting setup @ Aloft Bangkok - Sukhumvit 11
the children's store is decorated with colorful blocks
NCIG² — NCIG in Cheras • Kajang • Bangi
big on children
the children's library is brightly lit and has colorful bookshelves in it
100 Shopping Experience Enhancements
100 Shopping Experience - Enhancements From Augmented Reality Changerooms to Germ-free Groceries
the interior of a children's clothing store with colorful floors and ceiling decorations on display
JouJou | The Grand America
Retail Space
a toy store filled with lots of toys
toys shop
four different shots of people standing in a room with white walls and orange trimmings
many different images of children's play areas
many different colored boxes stacked on top of each other
there are three pictures of children playing in the play area and on the wall, one is
The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
melbourne central #tinyfolk
a little boy standing in front of a bathroom sink with orange and blue decor on the walls
Kita Hafen City - Hamburg
Kita Hisa - nach dem Umbau
several children are playing on an interactive floor
Newsweek/The Daily Beast Praises Interaction of Color App
Interactive floor
people are standing in front of a large screen with the words city mall on it
Shopping centre Interactive Window
an interior view of a children's store with toys and decorations on the walls
Randall Childrens Hospital, Portland Oregon.
the inside of a clothing store with clothes on display
RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2013
Retail Design | Store Interiors | Shop Design | Visual Merchandising | Retail Store Interior Design | RIBA Regent Street Windows 2013
there are many shelves on the wall in this room with children's books and toys
Shoe store!
a room filled with lots of different types of shoes and boxes on the wooden floor
there are two pictures of children playing in the library and on the other side of the room
ying yang public library by evgeny markachev + julia kozlova
ying yang public library by evgeny markachev + julia kozlova