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Chart showing different styles of anime/manga character eyes. Character's left eye only is shown.

Como desenhar a cabeça e o corpo de uma mulher.

I have been requested to do a step by step tutorial on how to draw female anime characters so here it is: How to Draw Heads Draw a circle Draw a l. Tutorial - How to Draw Anime Heads/Female Bodies

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How to draw hands gripping bunch of things. I love how cheese from fosters home for imaginary friends is there:

Hairstyles to use as reference when drawing! :D

how to draw hair line-based-inspiration. These are really cute hair ideas for me to try! Good resource if I need to draw hair ever

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Sooo i'm kinda in art block. So i thought I'd make up for my lack of tutorials I said I'd be doing and draw eyes! With expressions basically its just how i draw eyes, but i labeled how I would.

Como Desenhar Mangá: Anatomia

My Tutorial FOolder If you want to learn to draw manga with us join our new group This is the first one of my upcoming Learn Manga Basics Tutorial Serie. Learn Manga: How to draw the female head front

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