Fallen soldiers who have been brave enough to protect our nation. Never forget the cost of freedom. They are the true heroes. Thank you all for your sacrifice. And, God Bless the families you leave behind.

These oil rig roughnecks know all about hard work.

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"roughnecks" compete to reach oil in the fields of west Texas Now oil boom at the Eagle Ford Shale in south central Texas. My Dad worked on a rig.

How Much Income Do Oilfield Roughnecks Earn

Roughnecks clean oil-drilling equipment so that the oil keeps flowing. They also repair equipment, move pipes and guide cranes to move heavy loads.

National Miners Day is December Please share to show your appreciation for all that American Mine Workers have done, and continue to do.

cemetery in Cambridge, England, contains the remains of American war dead from World War II.

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Male disposability, then & now, in one image | A Voice for Men

Safety in the workplace is a very important issue. Dead and injured workers don’t produce, not for the company and not for their families, so keeping them healthy and productive is essential.

This great engineering work was built between 1901 and 1905 and was named "Caminito del Rey" after Alfonso XIII went through on his way to inaugurate the new dam, Conde del Guadalhorce, in

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