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DIY: origami hearts

Haut les Coeurs ! #DIY - jesus-sauvage

DIY et Concours pour la Saint Valentin: 1 plaid Hinterveld à gagner et des coeurs en Origami à confectionner...

Afocal Bretagne. Une souris qui demande un peu de dextérité mais qui permettra aux moins avertis de s'adonner au pliage. Pensez à tester votre activité en amont !

Des animaux en origami faciles à réaliser par les enfants : chat, koala, pélican, souris, etc. - Le Blog de Kidissimo

Kidissimo a déménagé. Maintenant, l'article est ici : http://kidissimo.blogspot.fr/2015/09/des-animaux-en-origami-faciles-realiser.html

Lucky paper stars (origami). We did these last year and the kids loved them.


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Origami Dragon Folding Instructions - How to Make Origami Dragon - How to fold Origami Dragon

The origami dragon is a challenging origami, probably not for the beginner. But if you have experience making the bird base and the origami flapping bird, then you should be able to follow our directions and photos to make this really cool looking origami dragon.


Are you planning on giving a handmade gift but don’t have a box for it? Learn how to make these clever all-in-one rectangular origami boxes using a single sheet of paper. The ideal handmade gift box for your best friend, mother or that special someone.

Lapins pâques origami

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Lapins pâques origami

Dinosaur origami ornament

Dinosaurs, octopodes, and microbes: offbeat ornaments for your Christmas, Solstice, or Whatever Tree | Offbeat Home & Life

I'm as agnostic as they come, but I still love our winter tree. It brings a little light to the darkest time of the year and yes: it's also got little baubles of ridiculousness on it. And I do mean RIDICULOUS. I love a little weirdness on the ol' tree! Assuming I'm not the only one whose tastes in ornaments run towards the questionable, who wants to paw over some weird baubles with me? I went prodding around the wilds of the internet looking for the retro, the ridiculous, the nerdy, and the…

creation et fabrication du nuage par paperkawaii sur decoration tutorial paper

DIY – Mobile nuage 3D en papier

Pour occuper ce mercredi, nous vous proposons cette semaine de fabriquer votre propre mobile !! Décoratif, mixte et toujours poétique, nous opterons donc pour le nuage ! Matériel : – Ciseaux …

Tetris Origami Blocks--crafty, decorative, colorful, gimme some paper and let's go!

Tetris Origami Blocks are Outstanding

Tetris Origami Blocks are Outstanding and make for an amazing creation by artists and gamers alike.

Origami Lanterns.

Colorful DIY Origami Fairy Lights

These colorful DIY origami fairy lights are perfect for any party! They add a fun blast of color to any space! Pluse they would look great as decor!