sculptures by Jin Young Yu

Enigmatic Sorrowful Sculptures

Enigmatic Sorrowful Sculptures : JinYoung Yu --- What inspires HANZOHANZO?

Jin Young Yu | The ARTCHIVAL

Jin Young Yu art sculptures are about the “invisible people.” She wanted to talk about the stories of the people with transparent existence.

Yu Jinyoung

Sculptor Jin Young Yu Makes US Solo Debut with “Myself/Them” First featured in H-Fructose Vol. Korean artist Jin Young Yu makes haunting sculptures with a mystifying use of transparency.

I am Ok par l'artiste coréenne Yu Jin Young - Cahier de Seoul

I am Ok par l'artiste coréenne Yu Jin Young

Korean artist Jin Young Yu imagines transparent plastic statues on which the character heads represent the diversity of human expressions.

So, so sad. Kim Hana Artist | kwan kim seok kim yeonju sung and jin young yu

Hi-Fructose Magazine Detail of Korean artist Yu Jinyoung’s transparent figures (first featured in Hi-Fructose Vol.

Lynn Chadwick "Beast"

Lynn Chadwick, 'Beast bronze at Art Toronto Mayberry Fine Art Booth